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My name is Zsolt Bagi. I have been the member of MEOE and the FCI since 1984. I bought my first minibull, a “Dombóparti Jolly” in 2004 which supported the future of my kennel. I came by many great dogs from the best Europian kennels and I mated my dogs with great male dogs from Europe.
As a result my dogs have won many championships not only in Europe but also in America. I am very proud of our overseas achievements. Some dogs of mine are the club winners of annual championships and the annual TOP miniature bullterrier title. Moreover we achieved the Golden Wreath Master Breeder title.

Not only my dogs’ appearance but also their health is really important for me so they are growing up in a loving family and clean environment. Each of our dogs is analyzed for heart, kidneys, hearing and sight diseases (by PLL tests according to DNS). It is very important for us to breed healthy dogs.
I advise future dog-owners to be aware that the dog they want to buy has the negative results of these examinations. If we have these results, it will be more likely to possess a happy and healthy dog.